Brochure & Prospectus Design

A distinctive brochure catches the eye. It’s far more likely to be kept, read, and remembered when people need your services, want to enrol their children in your school or donate to your charity. While a coordinated, branded website is important in this day and age as a primary source of information, a brochure is something tangible with which you can show pride in your organisation’s identity. We’ll discover what makes you special, and use that to create a brochure or prospectus that makes people want to talk both to you and about you.

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Stationery Design

If you hand someone a poorly designed business card printed on cheap paper they’re going to be subconsciously disappointed and you could lose their business. Disappointment occurs when things don’t live up to expectation. When you meet a potential client or customer they’ll have formed an idea about you already. Handing over a beautifully designed and printed business card might not win you any business, but it will make sure you don’t lose it within the first few seconds of your meeting. Our stationery design exceeds expectation. Our business card design, compliments slip design and letterhead design bursts with brand strategy and will reassure customers that you’re the right company.

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